Janet, I need to let you know how thankful I am for your yoga classes. The classes have brought change for the good to me. I now find myself moving joints and testing myself throughout the day. Also, I have noticed how children move their arms and legs and how they are enjoying movement. Somewhere along the way we lose this when we are learning to sit still.

Yoga Student

My curiosity about yoga did not exist until a life-time friend told me she was taking yoga classes and she could now stand on her head. Amazing!

Months later with this still on my mind, and not knowing what to expect, I began a low impact yoga class.

Thinking back I am sure what kept me from trying yoga years earlier was lack of knowledge, and maybe being afraid if I would have the ability to keep up with the rest of the class. I had heard many people making statements regarding their yoga classes and how difficult they were.

This is far from the truth. Each person works at their own pace and improvement comes a little at a time each week while working through the process. I am amazed! My joints are becoming more limber and strength is coming to my legs and back. Flexibility is returning to me. I have been a swimmer for years, daily exercising my muscles and had thought this was “good enough”. But yoga adds so much more and is a good balance for me.

I am still working on balance but know it will be possible as my body becomes stronger. However, standing on my head….. That’s another matter.

Sandra Warren

My first sound bath / meditation experience with Janet was at a full day retreat which included yoga and working with mala beads. It was fascinating hearing the different experiences of the group. I appreciated the sense of community that grew as the day progressed. The world felt a little softer and gentler when I left. 

I also went to a sound bath with Janet at a yoga studio and had a much more visceral reaction.  I felt the different bowls in specific parts of my body and when I left there I felt very quiet.

I believe who you choose to lead your sound bath deeply affects the experience. I sense Janet follows a simple, spiritual path and I trust her to lead the group in a positive, healing way. She has been very open to answering questions that have come up after the events via email. I am hoping to arrange a private session for my daughter’s birthday.  A unique family experience that can open doors to thoughtful conversations.

Looking forward to more –


Jan Hickling

I want to thank you so much for the sacred dance workshop that you and Shelley Ponci facilitated. I hope that you’ll consider offering a longer series of sacred dance workshops – I know that I’ll be there if you do. Several years ago, I had the immense good fortune to try sacred dance and I experienced the freedom of movement meditation. It was wonderful liberating joy. I’d almost missed this opportunity due to fear. I didn’t know what to expect and I was intimidated at the thought of dancing with others. I was so mistaken. There is no way to do sacred dancing wrong – there are no rules and your dance is your own perfect movement. Dancing with a group multiplied the energy and positive emotion. Your workshop offered all of that but the surprise was how much fun you and Shelley made it. The wide variety of music you selected really got us moving and dancing. Your blend of easy yoga and sacred dance left me energized, yet, calm and I felt that way for days after. I look forward to doing it again soon.

Patricia Murphy

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