The Art of Janet Crawley

The Art of Janet Crawley

Welcome to the art area of my website.

You can see examples of some of the clay work I create incorporating organic, textural surfaces.  I love the natural, unglazed surface of the clay and usually only glaze specific parts of the the final piece, allowing the texture and warm color of the clay to contrast with the glazed areas. We use a gas fired reduction kiln for high temperature cone 10 clays and cone 6 electric oxidation kilns for the mid-range clay.

My studio is located at Moshier Art Center in Burien, Washington where I teach numerous classes and workshops, primarily in hand building techniques. Some of those classes are adult handbuilding, teen wheelthrowing, precious metal clay silver jewelry and private art classes.

Please contact me for more information about my work or my classes or any other questions you may have and I will respond promptly.

Thanks again for stopping by!

Janet Crawley

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  • Slip Transfer
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